Eco statement

There's no need to explain how important is to take care of the planet.

I want to be transparent about what I do to keep Carné Studio as eco-friendly as possible, always keeping the quality of the products and the protection of the items to give you my best. I hope this information also helps you managing the waste, if any.

But I know I still need to learn and probably these measures will change over time — so if you have any comment or suggestion, please send them over to

Quick note — what to do with your order waste 🌿

All the packaging products are recyclable, so please recycle! You can also compost everything. 


Most of the suppliers I work with are based in the UK, where I'm based too. This way I know the production is local, therefore the products will need to travel less, producing less CO2. 

In the same way, I try to find suppliers that are eco conscious too, knowing they will do their best to keep the whole chain eco-friendly. 


I know this is a big pain point. Living in the UK I don't want to risk leaving the products unprotected for potential water damage. How many times have you received a wet letter? 

For that reason, I'm using biodegradable plastic to protect most of the products. This plastic, known as PLA is made from the sugars/starch and is carbon-neutral and technically edible, but please don't. It allows recycling and composting — even home composting!!  

All art prints are backed by recycled cardboard, 100% from post consumer waste, and is recyclable. As it is the tissue paper.

Packaging stickers are made out of paper, so they can be recycled too, but I requested them with removable glue: If you like them, you can remove them and paste them anywhere else! 

Even though, no packaging is better than eco-packaging: when packing an order, I'll try to use as least packaging as possible. If you want all or some products in your order packed individually — for gift, as an example —, leave a note on the Order special instructions box you will find on your cart page (before check out). 

Products materials

All the paper products use recycled — when it is not pure white — and/or FSC paper (paper that has been harvested in a responsible manner), and of course all of them are recyclable. 

Art prints are printed on cotton paper. On the printer's words: is a really beautiful textured paper with insanely good environmental characteristics – FSC Certified, 65% environmentally friendly ECF fibres,  20% post consumer waste, 15% cotton fibres.

Greeting cards are printed in canvas white finish and coarse bright white fleck. It’s FSC certified and made from 100% post consumer waste. 

I'm not using recycled paper for planners at the moment, in other to avoid extra bleaching agents, as this paper is pure white. 

Current stickers in the store are clear/transparent, made out of PP film — the least dangerous of plastics, both in production and degradation, as well as being recyclable. They are also PET laminate with UV screening to protect from weather and sunlight. Back paper is... well, just paper, so it can be recycled too! 


I can only inform you about art prints and greeting cards inks, as they are the ones produced by my most trusted and eco-friendly printer. They are too the bulk of my products.

  • The inks used are non toxic and food safe.
  • All 4 inks are made with organic pigments.
  • All 4 inks comply with standard de-inking and recycling practices, so can be reintroduced to the recycling loop once they have been printed.