Xaxi & Yil



Xaxi & Yil is a platforms game for two players fully developed during Málaga Jam Weekend 4 — in less than 48h —.

Both payers should help each other to get over the obstacles that separate them and raise the top of the screen pulling levers, activating or deactivating platforms, etc. If they do not cooperate, they will not pass the level.

Graphics are made up of a palette of only 4 colors, enough to differentiate our players and the active elements of the level.

Game controls extremely simple,  just AWD to the player on the left and ←↑→ to the right. The complexity lies in controlling movement and working together.

Will you be able to win?


Download it here:

PC Download

Mac Download
Game Design — Miguel Ojeda
Graphic Design and Animation — Adrián Calvo y Montse Carné
Development — LapsusDev 
Music — Braulio Martínez
❧ Award to the Best Game Design



Digital Design, Illustration, User Interface

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