The Enchanted Forest



This small game was the final project for a 3D course made with Unity. We focused on the creative stages, from the low poly concept of the scenes and characters to the modelling, UVs, animation and texturing, which was achieved by using different techniques. This included digital painting for assets and scenarios, and analog watercolor for the characters which was scanned afterwards and then applied on the models.

This is our first approach to a project of this nature, so our main goal was to cover all the stages of the process to have a final product instead of just modelling and painting a 3D figure. This approach where we had to animate the characters, develop precise UV’s, make team with several people and use a number of software tools depending on each stage’s requirements helped us gain a broader perspective of a project that integrates 3D with other disciplines. In addition, we develop a better understanding of the relevance and needs of every stage and software, enabling us to coordinate better with other departments for future projects.

Software used:
zBrush, Maya, Photoshop, Unity


You can play and download here:

The Enchanted Forest

Adrián Calvo
Montse Carné
Miguel Nogueira


Digital Design, Illustration, User Interface

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