Saudade is a magazine conceived with the purpose of preserving sensations and moments related to particular places in several cities. The publication is released in themed volumes and is not meant to be an average travel guide or a selection of must-see places. Saudade aims to capture the essence of small corners that go unnoticed and transmit through them the spirit of the city with an intimate and personal standpoint.

The places are approached from the concept of lost professions: a craft close to extinction, a neighborhood store, an artisan… with the intent of bringing the heart of the location, its memories and the closeness of its people back.

This project has a global perspective, therefore photography and texts are worked simultaneously with the same outlook. This way, the magazine gets to evoke the intended feelings and memories, that otherwise it would be unlikely to trigger.

This first issue pays tribute to Porto, Portugal, through Casa Crocodilo. This Portuguese birth gives name to the magazine —Saudade, a painful nostalgia for what is missed or lost— since its aim is to capture what is about to disappear.


Editorial, Photography, Print Design

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