Punto & Party



Punto & Party, Knit & Party, is a crossover between craft and design, an online shop where one can find from a ball of wool to custom kits for candy bars and events.

The brand, designed from lettering, was completed with a number of required elements: knitting pattern samples, stamp and a mascot ñ Ovillete, the hipster wool ball.

The colouring is inspired in cardboard and soft wool, as Punto & Party, conjures up those cosy home moments knitting, watching your mother or grandmother knit with a nice warm coffee or an evening of laughs among friends.

Raw materials and techniques employed follow the same concept, reveling in the sensations they evoke: kraft, stickers, serigraphs, die board… Lastly, a promotional kit was created, comprising a tote bag, a t-shirt, a set of label pins, a pair of wooden knitting needles and a wool ball.


Branding, Lettering, Packaging, Print Design

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