Matosinhos Beach



Matosinhos is a coast town just at the north of Porto, Portugal. Its main beach, the beach of Matosinhos, is a peaceful place to surf, spend the day or watch the sunset. It is full of small corners and textures: rocky areas, smooth white sand that merges with the sea, the mouth of a stream… of microworlds.

From this concept we developed a series of merchandising pieces:

· Our little pet, a little explorer octopus.

· A kit of marbles to play on the beach.

· A line of t-shirts.

· An object of remembrance: a glass jar to fill with moments and small findings of a day at the beach.

The range of colors, blue and orange, is representative of the intense sunsets you can enjoy there, and make contrast with the browns and greens of rocks and algae.

The patterns used in the packaging design are born from cartographic symbols, representative of the different microzones of the beach.

Despite maintaining a strong graphic line, each packaging has a totally different shape, making them dynamic and desirable, putting value on the product we offer.



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