Design for Alice



The story of Alice in Wonderland swindles everyone who reads it, not only due it fantastic worlds but with the poems and riddles that we find in it pages. For this reason, a line of products that are born of it must have a point of magic, of awakening desire.

The illustrations have been created from a very personal vision of the characters, leaving the classical iconography of Alice and returning to the text to study the character of the characters; a curious Alicia, a questing queen or a hatter more friendly than crazy.

The different pieces developed for this project are a series of postcards of the main characters, on whose back we find representative phrases of each one of them; a endless calendar , that we can set up at the beginning of each month, and which congratulates “marry unbirthday to you” daily, and a pack of intriguing classic elements: a cookie and a potion with the well-known messages of Eat me and Drink me , essential and iconic if we talk about Alice.


Illustration, Merchardising, Print Design

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