Coffee matters



Coffee matters is an infographic project about coffee consumption.

There are a lot of studies about coffee, from its origin to how to prepare it, but we decided to focus on something more cultural: the experience of drinking coffee. From this prism, we realized the varied consumption of coffee and the different habits generated around it throughout the world. Therefore, we take a much smaller but significant segment: the largest consumer of coffee, Norway, and the one that consumes the highest quality, Italy.

To talk about each one of them, we try to answer as many questions as possible, from a quantitative aspect to associated habits. Where it comes from, how much coffee is consumed, when and with whom it is taken and what are the main ways to prepare it.

But showing a series of facts about the coffee culture without creating an experience did not seem to make sense. For this reason, we created this infographic installation in which two people can sit around a coffee table, on whose elements the study data is reflected, so each one has the information of one of the countries, creating an interaction between them, who can compare and talk about what they see, recreating the fact of having coffee with someone.

Project developed with Anna Mestre.


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